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The package includes:
Site Survey
Mock Drawing
Equipment Performance
Equipment Proposal
Construction Proposal

A $525.00 value.
Can be purchased separately.

Site Survey-
The site survey will review the economic conditions, housing, competition, population & traffic patterns.  It
will also give a detailed location description (including size, signage, parking, glass exposure) and a
location rating and location recommendation.

Demographics will be pulled on a 1-3 mile radius of the location.  The demographics help determine the
location rating and assist in the Finance Process.  

Mock Drawing-
A mock drawing is used  as a guide to choose the appropriate lay-out & equipment mix .  A mock drawing
also helps determine the equipment and construction proposal.
Example Performance**-
An Example Performance gives you an    estimate on Turns-Per Day.  It will deduct expenses like utilities,
rent, insurance, etc.  It will finish with a estimated net income prior to debt services.

Equipment Proposal-
The Equipment Proposal gives you a estimated cost of equipment.  It  prices Washers, Dryers, Bases,
Bulkheads, Folding Tables, Benches/Chairs, Changers, Soap Dispensers, etc.  
It also assist when applying for financing.

Construction Proposal-
The Construction Proposal gives a general estimate of the construction rate to convert your existing or new
location to fit the needs of a Laundromat.   An  example of the construction Barton’s can perform is HVAC,
Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry work, etc.  Barton’s Laundry Equipment, Inc.,
can provide turn-key installation.


*The above amount will be credited back to your account if equipment is purchased through Barton's Laundry Equipment, Inc.
**The Example Performance is an estimate, it is not guaranteed.

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