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Should I invest in a Coin Laundry?
Yes, according to industry trade publications, a professional
self-service laundry is a smart investment in a vital, mature self-service
business. Besides being an automated self-service business, which
has no inventory or accounts receivable problems to worry about (you
are paid upfront in cash), it's a low labor, recession-resistant business
short time. Additional services such as wash, dry, and fold, and a
drop-off cleaning service can also generate additional revenue.
Without a doubt, self-service laundries should continue to be a growth
industry throughout the 21st century.

How much can I expect to earn on my investment?
Important factors affecting the earning potential of a modern coin
laundry are its location, demographics, the size of the store, the mix of
equipment, advertising and promotion, and good management.
Depending on these variables, a coin laundry can generate up to 50%
on the cash invested.

What is a good location for a coin laundry?
Your laundry should be located in a high-traffic, populated,
low-to-middle income area with parking next to or within a
neighborhood shopping area. Coin laundries have traditionally done
well in middle-to-high income areas when located near condominiums,
apartments, and townhouses, because many two-income families find it
faster, safer, and more convenient to use the local coin laundry which
provides bigger, more efficient, better washers and dryers than at
home or in a building laundry room.

Does it require any special skills to own and operate a
self-service coin laundry?
No. A coin laundry is a self-service business. No special skills are
required. The most important factors in your success are you, your
business management skills, desire, perseverance, and a
well-equipped coin laundry with professional front load laundry
equipment in the right mix of models and sizes, and a location in a
good site. Wascomat and your local dealer will assist you with ongoing
marketing guidance and promotional recommendations.
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