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•40% fewer parts than before for long lasting
performance and there's less to go wrong.
•Over 40 lbs. Lighter than previous design for
easier moving.
•1/2 HP single-speed and two-speed motors with
a single-speed clutch.
•Flexible fins on the agitator move back and forth
to provide gentle yet effective washing action.
•New galvanized steel floor.
•New Quiet Brake eliminates most noise made by
the basket when it stops spinning.
•Extra-large loading port allows king-size sheets,
blankets and comforters to be loaded with ease.
•Reversible door can be switched from right-hand
to left-hand swing with just four screws.
•Up-front lint filter is easy to see and clean and is
permanently installed to protect from vandalism.
•Reduced energy consumption is achieved by
pre-heating the incoming air and controlling it with
a new, more responsive heat management system.
•Porcelain-enamel drum provides a smooth and
durable finish that wipes clean and offers protection
for clothes.
•Galvanized dryer top and coin box are powder
painted for extra rust protection.
•Heavy-duty 1/4 HP motor provides extra durability.
•Improved drying performance for user satisfaction.
•Powerful turbo pump can pump up to an eight
foot standpipe. A wide impeller clearance
reduces the chances of clogging. Total pump
operating time has been reduced since the
pump does not have to operate continuously
during the wash cycle as in previous designs.
Heavy Duty Washers & Dryers

durability. The snow-white basket maintains a long lasting, like-new

Self-Cleaning Filter
The self-cleaning lint filter works throughout the wash cycle to constantly
filter lint and debris from the water. The lint is trapped in a specially
designed filter under the agitator, away from clothes. The filter
automatically cleans itself twice during the wash cycle, after agitation and
after rinse.

100% Front Serviceable
All operational parts in the washer and dryer can be serviced without
moving the unit.

Quick Set Installation
Installation is made easy with no more tilting to remove the six bolts.

Auto Balance Suspension System
Virtually eliminates off-balanced loads. This innovative floating suspension
system uses a rod and spring design and dynamic balance ring to take on
off-balanced loads.

Steel Drive Transmission
Transmission provides durability with all metal gears. There are no plastic
gears to wear out or break.

Galvanized Steel Cabinet
The galvanized steel cabinet and base provide a long-lasting and durable

Turbo Pump

Non-Slip Belt

1/2 HP Washer Motor

Tamper-Proof Lid Switch
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laundry carts,
folding tables,
changers, water
heaters etc.