Compass Control for Coin Laundry.
Precision and simplicity.
- Turn the knob until the
desired program is shown
on the display.
- Close door, deposit coins
(or slide card) and washer
starts automatically.
- Easy to operate and service.
Features and benefits

- Compass Control lets you customize your washers for greater              
  flexibility, higher efficiency and lower operating costs.
- Create custom wash programs, including precise control of drum           
  rotation and extraction, with Wash Program Manager software.
- Numerous programming and language options including variable pricing.
  Easily set higher prices for any cycle (for example hot
washes, extra rinse and heavy soil) and program discount prices for        
slow periods of the day or week (optional hardware required).
- Large display and multi-purpose knob for program selection. Extremely  
  easy to understand and use.
- After payment, the display counts down and the washer starts              
- Built-in diagnostics and usage data allows you to track service intervals
  as well as revenue for each washer based on individual
cycle tracking.
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